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To mark this year’s World Theatre Day on 27th March, the Arts & Culture department of the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) has started uploading to the internet video recordings of theatre productions from their archives.  These recordings can be found on the official You Tube channel of the Arts & Culture department in the playlist entitled POZORIŠNE PREDSTAVE I TV TEATAR.

The creative link between the theatre and television was forged at the very inception of TV Belgrade in 1958.

There is a document proving that the first live broadcast of a theatre production took place on 28th December, 1958.  It was an Atelje 212 theatre production of Ljubovnaja zavist čerez jedne cipele (Jealous because of a Shoe) by Joakim Vujić, adapted for the stage and directed by Vladimir Petrić.  Soon after, in 1959, a comedy by Dragutin Dobričanin Zajednički stan (Joint Apartment), performed by the Belgrade Comedians, was broadcast live only to be followed by a number of well known theatre productions that TV audiences were able to see in live broadcasts.

Obviously, in those early days of TV Belgrade, there was no possibility of actually taping the productions because video recorders were first used only in 1961.  Later on, video recorders were used for taping theatre performances but due to constant financial difficulties and a small number of available cassettes, these videos were mainly deleted.  Unfortunately, that meant that precious recordings were lost that would have been evidence of theatrical achievements during mid-20th century.

The earliest recordings still in existence date back to 1967.  The Arts & Culture department of RTS has decided to make some of these recordings from their rich archives available to You Tube users and there are more recordings still to come.  The first batch will consist of the earliest existing recordings of productions from Belgrade theatres during 1960s and 70s.

The first three plays that were made available on this You Tube channel were recordings of Yugoslav Drama Theatre productions  of Yegor Bulychov, Our Sons and Dirty Hands.  Since then the list has grown to include recordings of YDT productions but also those from other theatres.

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