05.09.2017 News / Reports


Jelisaveta Seka Sablić wins best actor award at the 12th edition of Purgatorije 2017 Mediterranean Theatre Festival for her performance in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of Right You Are, If You Think So by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković. This year’s jury included Mani Gotovac – theatrologist and president of the jury, Tanja Bošković – actress, Zoran Živković – producer and they justified their decision with these words:

Luigi Pirandello, one of the most important authors of our past and our present, used to say: “Life is either lived or observed.”  

Fortunately for him, Jelisaveta Sablić has added another verb to this pronouncement, the verb:  to love.  And then she proceeded to refute everything contained in that sentence.  In truth Jelisaveta Sablić lives life, observes life and loves life.  And she manages to do all that on stage too.  Her sighs and intakes of air, or should we say her heart beats, are priceless.  But also the barely noticeable cramping in her hands.   Or the rhythm she beats while strutting her way around the stage.   And then there are her silences.  And finally, the incredible emotional strength accompanied by the mystery of every word that is spoken, spoken by Seka Sablić.  How much truth, in spite of Pirandellism, how much truth is engendered and flows from that small woman and with such huge volcanic bursts of energy.  She is herself a somewhat unique emotional experience.

The character of Lady Frola in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of Right You Are, If You Think So stems from an entirely different reality.  The only reality that can save us still today.  From the one that just might come to bear upon our own, real, reality.  It stems, in fact, from that unique realm we call art. 

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