03.05.2018 News / Reports


Actor Boris Isaković wins the Milosav–Buca Mirković best actor award at the 35th edition of  Nušić’s Days theatre festival in Smederevo for his performance in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of Under the Millstone.

The jury composed of Goran Jevtić (actor, president of the jury), Snežana Trišić (theatre director) and Tanja Šljivar (playwright) were unanimous in their decision which they justified by saying that: “Extraordinary acting skill, precision, well measured and rich emotional range, the creation of two distinct characters in Under the Millstone by Dragoslav Nenadić, directed by Egon Savin and produced by Yugoslav Drama Theatre, confirm Boris Isaković as one of the best Serbian actors.  Being the personification of the moral dilemma of the whole play of ‘whether to be hungry but preserve one’s integrity or bow to the general degradation of a society in order to protect one’s existence’, Boris Isaković commands our attention with his talent, reflection, width and depth of emotions that trigger empathy and ask the audience to question what a human being is and what it could be.  For the sheer excellence of his performance, and by the decision of the jury, Boris Isaković is declared the recipient of Milosav–Buca Mirković best actor award.”

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