YDT in the XXI century

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Yugoslav Drama Theatre since 2001


Productions (Before 23 May 2003, when the Yugoslav Drama Theatre opened the new building, it had  functioned only on one stage, Bojan Stupica Theatre. The third stage, Studio YDT, was opened in February 2005): 73
Coproductions: 11
Membership in the international theatre associations: UTE (Union des Théâtres de l’Europe), in April 2006. A General Assembly of UTE was entrusted to YDT and held in February 2008.NETA (a regional association), in December 2005ETC (European Theatre Convention), in May 2005.
On tour: 380

  • on 3 continents
  • in 19 states
  • in 40 cities around the world
  • in 34 cities inside
Awards(at the international and local festivals and competitions):

  • to YDT and for the YDT productions:
  • for the individual artistic achievements in the productions of YDT:
202 37



Publications of YDT:

  • Ars Dramatica Nova:
  • Monography for the 60th anniversary of YDT:


  • Programme books for each production (two times awarded for nourishing visual identity of the theatre)


22 titles  

Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište: Lica/Slike/Sećanja