Poster Design

Theatre posters designed by Slavimir Stojanović have attracted people’s attention through their monumental simplicity but also their pompous minimalism, clarity of thought process, riddles which require of the spectators to engage both intellectually and emotionally in order to solve them. Stojanović’s designs are free from any semantic supertransparency which is otherwise so often used in advertising stage events. But their greatest strength lies in the fact that they are entirely free of any attempt at illustrating the content they advertise. A poster for a play is not a simple mirror of what goes on in the text, it is not even a matter of context: the poster is there for one purpose and one purpose only – to announce the existence of a theatre production. (Gorčin Stojanović)

Slavimir Stojanovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1969. His design career started when he was 16. He studied at Design Higschool in Belgrade, at the Academy for Applied arts and Design and at HDK in Gotheborg, Sweden.

Between 1992 and 1999 he worked at S Team Bates Saatchi & Saatchi. From 1999 to 2007 he lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia working at Kompas Design, Arih Advertising and his own Futro Creative Service Unit. From 2010 he works as a creative director at Communis DDB, Belgrade. More recently, he became a partner at Designis, design and branding agency, also in Belgrade. His work in the domain of visual communication, design and advertizing has brought him more than 200 international awards, including: Epica, Cresta, Clio, Eurobest, Golden Drum, ADC, TDC, Brumen, Grifon, Global Award and numerous others. His work has been reviewed in prestigious world magazines, among which are Graphis, Print, Communication Arts, Computer Arts, How, Media Marketing, MMKreativ, Novum and others. His acts are in the collections at the Museum of Art and Advertising in Hamburg and the Museum of Posters in Warsaw. He has been included in Taschen’s Contemporary Graphic Design book, as well as in 30 New Masters of Poster Design published by Rockport.

Slavimir lives and works in Belgrade with his wife Olja and their lovely daughter Nadja.


Author of the posters Elijah’s Chair, Pheadra’s Love, Iz junačkog života građanstva, Hysteria, Izgnanici, As You Like It, Metamorphosis, A Play About Mirjana and Those Around Her, Himmelcommando, Death is Not a Bicycle (to be stolen from you), Othello, Poligraph, Rasprava, Born in YU, The Suspicious Person, It Has To Be So, In the Bog, The Cherry Orchard, So Far Nowhere, Notes From the Underground, Let It Be Lovely: Slavimir Stojanović

Author of the poster Shopping & Fucking: …

Author of the poster Tracks: Bata Knežević

Author of the posters The Merchant of VeniceHuddersfieldDear DadTartuffeThe Kraut Girl: Igor Milovanović

Author of the poster Don Krsto: Ivan Mutavdžić

Author of the poster Locusts: Ivan Šijak

Author of the poster The Woman From Sarajevo, Crime and PunishmentBetrayal: Branko Rosić

Author of the poster for the play A Profitable Position, The Čarnojević Diary, The Broken JugThe Imaginary InvalidNora!An Accidental Death of an AnarchistHamletUnder the Millstone, Free Exchange HotelDon JuanRight You Are, If You Thing So: McCann