The Fallen Angel of History

As a part of the two day conference of the Union of Theatres in Europe (UTE), the Yugoslav Drama Theatre presented its project under the name of The Fallen Angel of History. More than 20 representatives from some of the most important theatres in Europe participated in this conference, held at YDP in October 2012. The topic of the conference was an idea launched by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre to mark the beginning of World War I and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo through a series of discussions on contemporary issues and problems, namely multiculturalism and the challenges facing modern European societies.

The president of UTE Ilan Ronen described the conference at YDT as an extremely important event. The idea behind the initiative was to mark the hundredth anniversary of an event that shook the entire European continent through a number of productions in the theatres members of UTE or through joint productions of its members. A decision was also taken during the conference to set up a theatre festival which would be held in Belgrade.

This is the most ambitious project so far undertaken by UTE. It is scheduled to begin in 2014 and run until 2018 and will take place at YDT.

As a part of their two day visit to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre this month, president of UTE and artistic director of Habima Theatre of Tel Aviv Ilan Ronen, UTE executive director Ruth Heynen and deputy general manager of Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Tamara Vučković met with the Serbian Minister for Culture Bratislav Petković and Radoslav Pavlović, advisor to the President of Serbia. Both sides showed great interest and support for this project. It has also been pointed out that Belgrade would be the ideal venue for such an undertaking which is scheduled to be begin with a festival in June, 2014. President of UTE Ilan Ronen and deputy general manager of YDP Tamara Vučković made a joint proposal for holding a conference at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in June, 2013 where the details of the project in question and the names of its participants would be announced.