trans script

trans|script is a translation-publishing-theatre project initiated through collaboration between the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and French Cultural Institute in Belgrade (Institut français de Serbie). The project aims to offer the general public in Serbia a better understanding of contemporary French drama.

The project is to continue during two theatre seasons and will be divided in several stages. It will involve a thorough selection of works by contemporary French playwrights, their collaboration with people working in theatre in Serbia – translators, authors and directors – using workshops, rehearsed readings and presentations all of which will result in the publication of these works in Serbia and will ensure the necessary conditions for their performance on stage.

This will be an entirely new approach compared to the old fashioned professional routine. It will provide real cooperation between representatives of different cultures and traditions in theatre, exchange of information, experiences and influences and it will test and implement more subtle and improved ways of preparing the repertoire and approach to text. We are confident that project trans|script will provide a platform for a new generation of translators who work from French and translate texts related to the theatre.

Project trans|script is supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Media, Centre National du Théâtre in Paris (CNT) and the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers of France (SACD).


November 1st & 2nd 2013 Week-end Trans Script