Georges Feydeau


Directed by Ljubiša Ristić


Monsieur Chandebise is a director of a respectable international insurance society. Madame Chandebise, however, believes that his impotence is a result of infidelity and is setting a trap for him: a bogus love letter from a mysterious woman and an invitation for a rendezvous at the Coq d’Or Hotel where Madame Chandebise intends to go herself with the intention of catching her husband in flagrante delicto. In order for her husband not to recognise her handwriting she asks her best friend – Madam Homenides – to write the letter. However, Monsieur Chandebise decides that the mysterious woman has probably sent the letter to him by mistake and that it was probably meant for his young and handsome associate Tournel and proceeds to send Tournel in his stead to the secret rendezvous. Tournel agrees and leaves for the hotel, quite unaware that the person waiting for him there will be none other than Madame Chandebise whom he loves passionately. Through carelessness, the letter ends up in the hands of the pathologically jealous Señor Homenides who, recognising his wife’s handwriting, rushes off to the same hotel with a gun in his hand. Hearing of this, Chandebise decides he too must go to the hotel in all haste in order to save Tournel….

A Flea in Her Ear is probably the most famous vaudeville in the history of theatre and is certainly the most famous work by Georges Feydeau, the king of the genre. It has been part of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre repertoire for the last forty years and has had nearly two thousand performances. Nikola Simić who leads the cast of actors, who have breathed life into this piece and kept it going all these years, has appeared in every single performance since the beginning in his double, inimitable performance of a lifetime.


First Cast (1971): Victor Emmanuel Chandebise / Poche NIKOLA SIMIĆ; Camille Chandebise MILAN GUTOVIĆ; Romain Tournel VOJISLAV BRAJOVIĆ; Dr. Finache MORIS LEVI; Don Carlos Homenides De Histangua MARKO TODOROVIĆ; Ferallion VLASTA VELISAVLJEVIĆ; Etienne BORO STJEPANOVIĆ; Rugby MORIS LEVI; Baptistin BRANKO MILENKOVIĆ; Raymonde Chandebise RADA ĐURIČIN; Lucienne Homenides De Histangua BRANKA PETRIĆ; Antionette ZORICA ŠUMADINAC; Eugenie VESNA LATINGER.

Premiere: 7 June 1971

Last performance: 19 January 2014

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