Vida Ognjenović


Directed by Vida Ognjenović


Set Designer: Juraj Fabry, Costume Designer: Ljiljana Dragović, Composer: Zoran Erić,Dramaturge: Božo Koprivica, Movement: Ferid Karajica, Editor: Radovan Knežević,Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić, Sound Designer: Dušan Radovanović,

“In Don Krsto we once again see Vida Ognjenović as a skilful playwright whose work  borders on comedy, following the tradition established in her earlier works such asMy Name is MitarHow to Make the Ruler LaughKanjoš Macedonović …“ (POLITIKA)

“Don Krsto Ivanović, son of a nobleman, church canon and teacher, was born in Budva in the first half of 17th century. At the age of 25 he leaves for Italy and, while building a career of a successful scientist, he writes poetry and becomes a renowned author of opera librettos. Using the historical image of a great intellectual of the time, Vida Ognjenović weaves a timeless tale typical of any thinking man, a man condemned to duality, eternal dilemmas and one who is constantly obliged to take sides.“ (NOVOSTI)

“In Don Krsto, Vida Ognjenović uses the slow pace of the epic narrative to tell a melodramatically exciting story of a complex personality which sublimates a number of universally significant problems – love, passion, morals, faith and national identity, all of them brought together in Don Krsto’s anthropological search for the essence of life.” (POLITIKA)

Don Krsto premiered at the Theatre City Budva festival.

Igor Đorđević won the award for best actor in a leading role and Đurđija Cvetić won the award for best actress in a supporting role at the 1st Montenegro Theatre Festival in Podgorica. Actor Ivan Bosiljčić was awarded the Zoranov Brk award at the Dani Zorana Radmilovića festival. For his portrayal of Don Krsto Vojin Ćetković won the Miloš Žutić award which is awarded by the Drama Artists Association of Serbia.

Premiere: 6 October 2007

Last performance: 14 December 2013

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