What Would You Give Your Life For?

We are examining in this show the most intriguing question of today – why and for what purpose are the people willing to give their lives for? From jihadists and kamikaze and the Nazi suicide squads and Tamil Tigers and other evil causes to the noble causes of the people who sacrificed their lives for freedom and equality. It is an energetic, dynamic and engaging show – contemporary and urgent.

The show starts with the story about Brahim Abdeslam, a terrorist, who after his rampage at the Paris restaurants came to the Boulevard Voltaire, entered the cafe Le Comptoir Voltaire, ordered a drink and pulled a trigger at his suicide vest injuring a number of the guests. There is some eerie symbolism in the fact that Abdeslam his killing spree ended in the street and café bearing the great philosopher’s name. The terrorist was completely opposite of Voltaire who fought for equality of all people and whose ideas enabled the immigrants like the Abdeslam family to come to France at all. From there, the show takes on a fascinating journey exploring the life of many real life people such as Edward Snowden, Stephen Biko, Svetozar Marković, Bobby Sands and the Irish hunger strikers; Magda Goebbles, Jan Palach; Gerda Tarro; Ivo Lola Ribar, Stefan Zwieg; Antoine Artaud, Jean Améry, Andreas Brevik and many others.

The audience is sitting mixed up with the actors, which gives to the show even more immediacy. The show develops a new type of the relation between the performers and spectators. The viewer is free to choose where to take a seat, what to watch and where to focus her/his attention. This gives much bigger freedom to the viewers and it is much more respectful towards the audience than in the traditional fixed-rows seating.

Haris Pašović used to be a director in residence at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. His shows “Spring’s Awakening” by Wedekind and “Calling the Birds” based on Aristophanese’s play, were significant for the history of the YDT and ex-Yugoslav theatre.

The whole new generation of actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia play in “What Would You Give Your Life For?” They come from East West Centre Sarajevo; Change Theatre Novi Sad; Bosnian National Theatre Zenica and Újvidéki Színház Novi Sad.

“What Would You Give Your Life For?” won the Best Show Award and the Best Ensemble Award at the 2017 Bosnian National Theatre Festival (Jajce); Best Ensemble Award at the 2017 Bosnian Drama Festival (Zenica) and also took part in the programs of 2016 International Theatre Festival MES Sarajevo; 2017 Serbian National and International Festival “Sterijino pozorje” Novi Sad; and Central European Forum Bratislava.


Actors (in alphabetical order)

Katarina Bradonjić,Amar Čustović,Lana Delić,Fedor Đorović,Sanela Krsmanović-Bistrivoda,Miloš Lazić,Peđa Marjanović,Mina Pavlica,Dražen Pavlović,Gabor Pongo,Mia Simunović,Ema Stojanović,Marko Vasiljević,Dušan Vukašinović,Nikola Živanović

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