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Tickets for October performances available from Friday, 22nd September. Tickets can be purchased at our box office from 10am – 3pm & 5pm – beginning of performance. On Sundays from 5pm to the beginning of performance.

Box office phones: +381 11 30 61 957 & +381 11 26 44 447.


Saturday, 28th October, HAMLET by William Shakespeare, directed by Aleksandar Popovski

Sunday, 29th October, LOCUSTS by Biljana Srbljanović, directed by Dejan Mijač

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The Union of Theatres of Europe conference, part of the Conflict Zone project, will be held on Sunday, 17th September at Yugoslav Drama Theatre.  This is a continuation of the conference held in Milan on 20th May last year.

One of the topics of this conference will be theatre structures and the creation of a new platform for cooperation between members of this important theatre institution.  The overall goal is to improve the exchange of information and to expand our knowledge of budget theatres in Europe and beyond.

Production structures and legal systems will also be discussed in view of how they influence the functioning of a theatre as well as its structure.  A synopsis of all the speeches will contain all the relevant information pertaining to the state of play in theatres. This way, UTE members will have all the relevant information to help improve mutual understanding and which could prove to be a useful tool for all the decision makers in the area of culture across Europe.

The conference in Belgrade will be attended by representatives of UTE member theatres in Greece, Romania, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Russia and Bulgaria.  We will also be welcoming artistic directors from following theatres: Boris Yukhananov from Moscow (Stanislavsky Electrotheatre), Anna Badora from Vienna (Volkstheater), Frank Hoffmann from Luxembourg (Théâtre National du Luxembourg), Alexandru Darie from Bucharest (Bulandra Theatre), Stathis Livanthinos from Athens (National Theatre of Greece), Margarita Mladenova from Sofia (Sfumato Laboratory Theatre). The conference will be hosted by Tamara Vučković Manojlović, general manager of Yugoslav Drama Theatre which has been a member of the Union of Theatres of Europe since 2006.

An event organized by the Union des Théâtres de l’Europe and the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. In context of the CONFLICT ZONES network programme of the UTE. With the support of the ‘Creative Europe’ Programme of the European Union”.

13.09.2017 News / Reports


The work on the production under the working title of The Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute began yesterday at Yugoslav Drama Theatre. The production will be directed by Jana Maričić who also translated the play. Milan Marić and Aleksandra Janković make up the cast. Marija Kalabić is in charge of set design, Maria Marković of costume design and Božidar Obradinović  will be composing the music score. The play is expected to open in November this year at Studio YDT.

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Jelisaveta Seka Sablić wins best actor award at the 12th edition of Purgatorije 2017 Mediterranean Theatre Festival for her performance in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of Right You Are, If You Think So by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković. This year’s jury included Mani Gotovac – theatrologist and president of the jury, Tanja Bošković – actress, Zoran Živković – producer and they justified their decision with these words:

Luigi Pirandello, one of the most important authors of our past and our present, used to say: “Life is either lived or observed.”  

Fortunately for him, Jelisaveta Sablić has added another verb to this pronouncement, the verb:  to love.  And then she proceeded to refute everything contained in that sentence.  In truth Jelisaveta Sablić lives life, observes life and loves life.  And she manages to do all that on stage too.  Her sighs and intakes of air, or should we say her heart beats, are priceless.  But also the barely noticeable cramping in her hands.   Or the rhythm she beats while strutting her way around the stage.   And then there are her silences.  And finally, the incredible emotional strength accompanied by the mystery of every word that is spoken, spoken by Seka Sablić.  How much truth, in spite of Pirandellism, how much truth is engendered and flows from that small woman and with such huge volcanic bursts of energy.  She is herself a somewhat unique emotional experience.

The character of Lady Frola in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of Right You Are, If You Think So stems from an entirely different reality.  The only reality that can save us still today.  From the one that just might come to bear upon our own, real, reality.  It stems, in fact, from that unique realm we call art. 

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Tickets for September performances available from Friday, 1st  September. Tickets can be purchased at our box office from 10am – 3pm & 5pm – beginning of performance. On Sundays from 5pm to the beginning of performance.

Box office phones: +381 11 30 61 957 & +381 11 26 44 447.


Sunday, 17th September, RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković

Friday, 22nd September, A PLAY ABOUT MIRJANA AND THOSE AROUND HER by Ivor Martinić, directed by Iva Milošević

Sunday, 24th September, RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković

Friday, 29th September, THE WOMAN FROM SARAJEVO by Ivo Andrić, directed by Gorčin Stojanović

Saturday, 30th September, RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković

07.07.2017 News / Reports

SEASON 2016/2017 AT YDT

During season 2016/2017 lots of things happened at YDT.  Five new productions opened.  Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Aleksandar Popovski, opened on 17th September.  Under the Millstone by Dragoslav Nenadić, directed by Egon Savin, opened on 16th October and the very end of 2016 was marked by the opening of  Free Exchange Hotel by Georges Feydeau, directed by Boris Liješević, on 23rd December.  Molière’s Dom Juan, directed by Gorčin Stojanović, opened on 26th  February and the last production to open during this season was Luigi Pirandello’s Right You Are, If You Think So, directed by Jagoš Marković, on 4th June.

Festivals and guest performances

As in previous years, YDT productions had guest performances at a number of festivals and theatres in Serbia and abroad: Vienna (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Užice, Lazarevac, Pančevo, Požarevac, Šabac.

A guest performance of Nora! What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband; or Pillars of Society by Elfriede Jelinek, directed by Snežana Trišić, was included in last year’s BITEF theatre festival showcase.

Shakeaspeare’s Hamlet, directed by Aleksandar Popovski, was included in the programme of Without Translation festival of Yugoslav theatre in Užice but also saw guest performances at the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Volkstheater in Vienna.  In May, Hamlet was taken to another theatre festival, this time the International theatre festival in Rijeka.

The production of Under the Millstone by Dragoslav Nenadić, directed by Egon Savin, was included in the programmes of Milivoje Živanović Theatre Festival in Požarevac and that of Theatre Spring festival in Šabac.


On the occasion of 21st edition of  Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice, actor Vlasta Velisavljević received a special award for his portrayal of Hamlet’s father in our production of Hamlet and the award for set design in the same production went to NUMEN and Ivana Jonke.

The Golden Turkey annual award for life achievement at the Days of Comedy theatre festival in Jagodina went to Vlasta Velisavljević, an honorary member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble.  Mr Velisavljević is currently appearing in our productions of Hamlet, A Suspicious Person and The Imaginary Invalid.

During second edition of Theatre Spring festival in Šabac, the journalists’ jury was unanimous in awarding the “Zalog za Budućnost” journalists award to Jelena Petrović for her portrayal of Stana in Under the Millstone by Dragoslav Nenadić, directed by Egon Savin.

The jury of the International Theatre Festival in Rijeka (2-10 May) gave the Dorian Sokolić award for best set design to NUMEN group and Ivana Jonke for their work on our production of Hamlet.

Guest performances at YDT

In May we opened our doors to the Croatian National Theatre production of Three Winters by Tena Štivičić, directed by Ivica Buljan.

In June we were happy to welcome a guest performance from the Slovene National Theatre of Goethe’s Faust, directed by Tomaž Pandur.

Branka and Mlađa Veselinović award for 2016

Two famous actors from the pantheon of Yugoslav Drama Theatre were Branka and Mlađa Veselinović, members of the first group of actors to join YDT when it was founded in 1947. They made a donation to YDT Foundation to set up a best actor award to be awarded for best performance by an actor or actress in any of the productions that opened at Yugoslav Drama Theatre that given season.

The jury composed of Vojin Ćetković, Srđan Timarov and Miloš Krečković decided that the recipient of this award for 2016 would be Nebojša Glogovac for his performance in Hamlet. The award ceremony took place in April during the YDT anniversary celebrations.

Union of Theatres in Europe

YDT representatives took part in the General assemblies of the Union of Theatres in Europe held in Bochum, Germany and in Oporto, Portugal.  YDT became a member of this prestigious theatre association 11 years ago.

Performances with subtitles

Over the last four years, Yugoslav Drama Theatre has given performances with English subtitles.  We believe that this way we are contributing to the general improvement of tourist offer in Belgrade and also helping our audiences grow.  During 2015/2016 season we also introduced subtitles in Serbian in an effort to use the resources we had at our disposal to do what was in our power to improve the quality of life of people with impaired hearing.


Ever since 2012, Yugoslav Drama Theatre has taken part in the university programme for practical skills development organised by the Belgrade City Council – BG PRAKSA. The aim of the programme is to provide young graduates or soon-to-be graduates with an opportunity to take part in the everyday life of the theatre, in rehearsals or in the artistic department of YDT in order to put the knowledge acquired during their studies into practice and gain some additional practical skills. On occasions we have also organised tours of our premises where visitors can find out more about what goes on back stage as well as on stage, basic principles of theatre art, the stages a production needs to go through from the beginning to its premiere but also about the history of Yugoslav Drama Theatre and its ensemble.

In Memoriam

The great Mira Stupica, member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre since its inception.  Her performances in YDT productions but also in other theatres, film and television left an indelible mark in the theatre history of Yugoslavia and Serbia.  Mirjana Vukojčić, long standing member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre.  Her talent, sensibility and dedication to the art of theatre will forever remain part of the success and achievements of YDT

And more…

Our two stages – Ljuba Tadić and Studio YDT saw more than 300 performances during the 2016/2017 season which were seen by more than 96,000 spectators.

This season we continued with our ART REDUCTION activities.

The number of people following us on social networks is constantly growing and now we have over 5,000 followers on Twitter, more than 12,500 members in our YDT Community on Facebook and over 1,450 followers on Instagram.

Next season

This September Yugoslav Drama Theatre will be hosting the Union of Theatres in Europe conference on theatre structures which will bring together a number of professionals from different areas. In October (6-8 OCT), during the Crossroads theatre festival in Prague, representatives of artistic departments of UTE member theatres will meet to discuss their work so far and possibilities of working together on joint projects.

Our production of  Right You Are, If  You Think So by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jagoš Marković, will be taking part in the Mediterranean theatre festival “Purgatorije” in Tivat

The opening of  Enstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, directed by Slobodan Unkovski, is scheduled for October.  The author of the text Alan Lightman has confirmed he will be at our theatre on opening night.

07.07.2017 News / Reports


Rehearsals of Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman started today at Yugoslav Drama Theatre under the direction of Slobodan Unkovski. The production is expected to open this autumn and the cast includes Dragan Mićanović, Radovan Vujović, Anita Mančić, Branko Cvejić, Branka Petrić, Nataša Tapušković, Marija Vicković, Milena Živanović, Milica Gojković, Marko Grabež, Vučić Perović, Joakim Tasić and Filip Đurić. The text was adapted for the stage by Rusomir Bogdanovski, set design by Sven Jonke, music by Zlatko Origjanski and coreography by Dimitris Sotiriu.

The novel by the American author and physicist Alan Lightman was first published in 1993 and since then has been translated into more than 40 languages. The language used in the text is rather exceptional with clear structure and rich imagination where the author reveals what Einstein was dreaming of at the time he was cobbling together his famous theory of relativity.

The CEO of Yugoslav Drama Theatre Tamara Vučković Manojlović and director Slobodan Unkovski visited New York and Boston last March where they had a number of meetings in relation to Einstein’s Dreams. They met with Lincoln Center Festival director Nigel Redden and author Alan Lightman among others. Lightman said he would come to Belgrade for the opening night.

Slobodan Unkovski has directed a number of productions at Yugoslav Drama Theatre such as Death Is Not a Bicycle (to be stolen from you) by Biljana Srbljanović (2011), As You Like It by William Shakespeare (2009), Boat of Dolls by Milena Marković (2006), The Seagull by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (2003), Tracks by Milena Marković (2002), The Powder Keg by Dejan Dukovski (1995),  L’Illusion Comique by Pierre Corneille (1991) and Croatian Faust by Slobodan Šnajder (1982).

15.06.2017 News / Reports


The guest performance from the Slovene National Theatre Faust by Goethe, directed by Tomaž Pandur is on Friday, 16 June at 8 pm. The performance will be with surtitles in Serbian.

This is the third time Tomaž Pandur has directed this celebrated play by Goethe. He first directed Faust in 1990 at the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor. The second time was at Centro Dramático Nacional in Madrid in 2014 and the third at the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana in 2015. Unfortunately, this was to be the last direction by this great director from Slovenia before his death in April, 2016. The cast includes Igor Samobor (CEO of Slovene National Theatre), Branko Šturbej, Barbara Cerar/Maša Derganc, Polona Juh, Branko Jordan, Uroš Fürst, Robert Korošec, Filip Samobor, Žan Perko and Matic Lukšič who have already given guest performances in Mexico, Columbia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, South Korea and Romania.

Tickets for the guest performance from SNG Drama Ljubljana could be purchased at the box office of Yugoslav Drama Theatre.

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