Marko Baćović

Degree in acting from the Theatre and Film Academy in Zagreb. Joined the YDT in 1986 since which time he has appeared in a number of different productions, amongst which: L’Illusion Comique (Dorante), Migrations (Đurđe Isaković), Valjevo Hospital  (Fra Bozhidar), The Robbers (Spiegelberg), Last Days of Mankind (Minister), Dog Waltz (Andrey Andreyevich Tizenhausen), The Lower Depths (Klesshtsh, Andree Mitritch), Hunting Cockroaches (Rysio, Mr Thompson), Barbelo, of Dogs and Children (Doctor), Veit Tümpel (The Broken Jug). Recipient of two annual YDT awards.

TV and film appearances: Buy me an Elliot, Chase for Luck-y, Professor Kosta Vujić’s Hat, Ustanička Street