Bogdan Diklić

Graduated in acting from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade. Appeared in a number of notable roles in theatre, film and television.

Member of the National Theatre in Belgrade during the period between 1977 – 1995. Became a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in 1995.

Notable roles in YDT productions: Dušan (Belgrade Trilogy), Jean Jacques Bouton (Molière – Another Life), Ammtsberger (The Italian Night), Polonius (Hamlet), Papa Bear (Boat for Dolls), Actor (The Lower Depths), Pangloss (Candide: Or Optimism)… Diklic has appeared in a number of productions at the National Theatre in Belgrade, Zvezdara Theatre, KPGT and Kult Theatre.

Notable roles in other theatres: Scipion (Caligula), Pierre Bezukhov (War and Peace), Oliver de Boys (As You Like It), Molchalin (The Woes of Wit), Žarko Damjanović (An Ordinary Man), Pera Kalenić (Cabinet Minister’s Wife), Aegisthus (Orestia), Tartuffe (Tartuffe), Ružičić (The Upstart) – at the National Theatre in Belgrade, Adam Schmidt (Haymat, KPGT), Teodor Kraj (The Professional, Zvezdara Theatre), Molina (Kiss of the Spider Woman, Zvezdara Theatre), Bayer (Oxymoron, Kult Theatre)…