Vojislav Brajović

Joined Yugoslav Drama Theatre in 1969.

Other notable roles in YDT productions: Ghost, 1st Gravedigger (Hamlet); Doc (Boat for Dolls); Satine (The Lower Depths); Yevgeny Sergeyevich Dorn (The Seagull); Zhutilov (Patriots); Fiodor (Chicken); Yakov Shalimov (Summer Folk); Ninkovich (Cabinet Minister’s Wife); Dimitry (The Power Keg); Thersites (Troilus & Cressida); Alonso (The Tempest); Šćepan Mali (Fake Emperor Šćepan Mali); Matamore (L’Illusion Comique); Maffeo Barberini – Pope Urban (Lamp at Midnight); Tournel (A Flea in her Ear); Semyon (Vasa Zheznova); Willie (The Three Sons); Vanya Kalyayev (The Just Assassins); Master Isa (Communist Heaven); Prince Milosh (Spiting the Nation in two parts).

Has worked with the Serbian National Theatre, Theatre City Budva, Zvezdara Theatre, National Theatre of Montenegro, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Atelje 212 and National Theatre in Belgrade.

He has appeared in over 30 feature films and hundreds of hours of TV series and dramas. Recipient of Dobričin Prsten Award and six YDT annual awards and Dr Branivoj Đorđević Award.

Served as Minister for Culture in the Serbian government. Advisor to the President of Serbia.