Dragan Jovanović

BA in acting from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade. Joined Yugoslav Drama Theatre in 1991.

Notable roles at YDT: Adraste (L’Illusion Comique), a role in The Birds, Crockson (Would You Like to Play with Me), Sveta (The Power Keg), Mića (Belgrade  Trilogy), Bernie (Sexual Perversions in Chicago), Marquis d’Orsiny – One Eye (Molière – Another Life), Commandante, Clemenceau (Candide: Or Optimism).

And in other theatres: Hamlet, Hitler and the Neanderthal (Funny Side of History, „Radović“ Evening Theatre), The Dumb One (Funny Side of Music, Zvezdara Theatre), Aleksa (Flames of Passion, Zvezdara Theatre), Dragi (Welcome to Serbia, Zvezdara Theatre), Don Quijote (actor/director at Madlenianum theatre).

Jovanovic has appeared in a number of television series (The Forgotten, Happy People, Falling Asleep, The Foxes, Good Night Children, Broom without a Stick, The Dollars are Coming, My Country Cousin…) and in film (What Are You Doing Tonight, First Blow, Barking at the Stars, The Power Keg, Say Why Have You Left Me, The Hornet, The Professional…).