Gordan Kičić

Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Belgrade where he studied with Prof. Predrag Bajčetić. Joined Atelje 212 as a permanent member of the ensemble in 2009.

Notable roles at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre: Ćopa (The Pavilions), Munuo (Miser), Mouaron (Molière – another life), Mića (Belgrade Trilogy), John (Bash), Kleinman (Death), Owen (Translations).

Besides performing at Atelje 212, Kičić has worked in other theatres such as: Mata Milošević theatre, Little Theatre Duško Radović, Zvezdara Theatre, Belgrade Drama Theatre.

He has also appeared in a number of films: Ustanička Street, How I Was Stolen by the Germans, Wait for Me and I Will Not Come, The Tour, Seven and a Half, Chase for Luck-y, Libero, When I Grow up, I’ll Be a Cangaroo, Natasha, Kisses, E-Snuff, Poor Little Hamsters, Little Night Music, Labirynth, She Likes Red Star, The Mechanism, War Live, Dorćol–Manhattan, Sky Hook, Rage… Notable roles on television in: Opened Door 2, Jagodići, Lift, The Penalty Area, Foxes, Broom without a Stick…

Recipient of a number of film and theatre awards including the Emperor Constantine Award.