Boris Milivojević

Studied acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Art though has been treading the boards since the age of ten.

Roles in Yugoslav Drama Theatre productions include: Guildenstern / Guard (Hamlet); Moron (Tracks); Little Guy (The Supermarket), Alexander (The Power Keg), Raka (Cabinet Minister’s Wife), Winwife (Bartholomew Fayre).

Boris has performed in other Belgrade based theatres such as Zvezdara Theatre, Atelje 212, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Boško Buha Theatre and Cinema Rex.

Has appeared in a number of TV series and films: The Forgotten, Foxes, Crni Gruja; To the Bones Dudes, When I Grow Up, I’ll Be a Cangaroo, Natasha, Comrade Crni in WWII