I. S. Turgenev

A Month In The Country

Directed by Iva Milošević

Set design: Gorčin Stojanović, Costume design: Boris Čakširan, Music: Vladimir Pejković, Vocal: Maria Zarić, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Lighting design: Dejan Draganov,

What does being in love mean?

An adventure, desire, thrill, marvel. 

When we are in love, we feel as if our souls are waking up from a deep sleep into a spring of their own making. It is a sort of rebirth that makes us believe we were never truly born until now. Our reason slips out of control. Something grand, unheard of is happening to us.

Even when our existence wears the sheen of refinement and we take comfort in our daily routines, habits and our social standing, life can still feel grey and dull. A rut. Repetition. Everything seems familiar and is, therefore, boring.

We long for something or someone who will take us away from here, somewhere entirely new. Does this mean that at that moment we are open to love? Or at least to love as an ideal? As a decision? Can love be a decision? If it is a decision, is it love? Does it follow that if a decision is a consequence of will, the will to love is, at the same time, a possible reason for unrequited love?

Is boredom fertile ground for falling in love?

Has life become too easy for well-off people? Does this easy living lead to boredom and loneliness? Are we desperate for new adventures?

Love is a mystery. A man in love appears magnificent in his madness but can also appear very funny. Does love exalt a person in their beauty and at the same time lays bare the misery of their existence?

For some it provides hope for a better future and for some it is a fever that causes people to lose themselves temporarily only to find themselves again later on. Some people feel let down, some will embrace the illusion and some will be grateful because being in love makes them feel alive again.

Iva Milošević

Premiere: 2 February 2018

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