Ivor Martinić

A Play About Mirjana And Those Around Her

Directed by Iva Milošević

Language Adaptation: Iva Milošević, Set Designer: Gorčin Stojanović, Costume Designer: Maja Mirković, Composer: Vladimir Pejković, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

After their work on productions such as Shopping & FuckingBash and Phaedra’s Love, the same team gathered around director Iva Milošević decided to produce a work by a young playwright from Zagreb on the “Bojan Stupica” stage. By showing us the lives of Mirjana and those around her – passing their days in quiet, suffocating existence, worrying about the same banal things without much excitement or passion – very subtly they show us how this kind of existence – just like our own – is filled with beauty, sorrow, humour, pain and poetry.

“…this dark picture contains a gentle hue of humour which brings the text to life and whose importance the director Iva Milošević seems to have understood extremely well.“ (DANAS)

“While enjoying this somewhat tragicomic play, we will recognise an aspect of our own lives which we often tend to forget in our day-to-day existence.” (B92)

“…director Iva Milošević has handled this story written by a young Croatian author with an acute sense of measure and detail without which it would not be what it seems. The director’s exceedingly honest relationship with the characters gives this production an unobtrusive and yet unmistakable representation of our (personal) and all other failures. What this means is that this story of Mirjana of today and the world around her has the taste of Čubura in the days gone by and other, now mythical, parts of Belgrade…“ (BLIC)

A Play About Mirjana and Those Around Her was performed at 55th Sterijino Pozorje festival as well as at theatre festivals in Mladenovac, Zagreb, Brčko, Rijeka and Split.

At the International Small Scene Festival in Rijeka it won four Veljko Maričić awards: best play (Ivor Martinić) and three acting awards (MirjanaKaranović, Jelena Petrović, Branka Petrić), at Marulić Days festival in Split it won the Marul award for acting (MirjanaKaranović) and the audience award for best production of the festival. Mirjana Karanović has also won the Grand Prix of the Brčko Theatre Festival and Marko Baćović has won the Novosti award for best supporting role at the Sterijino Pozorje festival in Novi Sad.

Premiere: 18 February 2010

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