A. N. Ostrovsky

A Profitable Position

Directed by Egon Savin

Translation: Kiril taranovski, Set designer: Mioddrag Tabački, Costume designer: Lana Cvijanović, Dramaturg: Miloš Krečković, Coreographer: Ista Stepanov, Music selection: Egon Savin, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Lighting designer: Svetislav Calić,

In a society in which corruption becomes a social norm, and how to curry favor with the higher-ranked is more important than education, it is a matter of survival to find a profitable position.

The comedy Profitable Position takes place in a milieu of powerful civil servants and suddenly wealthy Moscow merchants. Of them Ostrovsky says – they are no longer uneducated as their fathers before them, on the contrary, they are well mannered, well groomed, they go to Paris to art shows, they drink champagne, read French newspapers and follow European fashion, but none of this as a result of true sophistication, but rather a means of mimicry. Under the attractive appearance there lurks the same egoism, cruelty and vanity as in their ancestors. They are energetic, resourceful, capable of making money, which is, in fact, another name for predatoriness. They are cynical, sometimes even honest, but with no compassion or kindness whatsoever. Their material wealth, made possible by the wild capitalism through corruption, creates in them the “power insanity”. (taken from the programme book)

Premiere: 7th March 2014

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