Branislav Nušić

A Suspicious Person

Directed by Jagoš Marković

Set Designer: Jagoš Marković, Costume Designer: Stefan Savković, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

First great comedy by a famous comic playwright and one of the most popular, funniest and most daring plays originally written in Serbian.

The country seemed to be undergoing a period of change, new traditions and habits replaced old ones, influences from the East and the West vied with those from the North and South, dynasties came and went, governments replaced one another, borders have been redrawn and yet this insightful and cruel play by Nušić about the ambitions and fears of upwardly mobile civil servants in a small provincial town has never stopped making people laugh at the expense of others as well as their own.

This production, directed by Jagoš Marković with the stellar cast of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, coupled with Nušić’s keen sense of humour, brings to light unforgettable images of rancid and stale lives of small town Serbia.

“This production of the Suspicious Person is a well organised burlesque (with a romantic finale), it is extremely funny and extremely intelligent, making audiences laugh without feeling embarrassed.” (DANAS)

“You carry on smiling even after you have left the theatre, (…) the smile which confirms that it is still worth going to the theatre where you can see consummate skill, knowledge, concepts and an excellent grasp of structure…” (NOVI MAGAZIN)

Nebojša Glogovac’s portrayal of Yerotiye is impeccable. He is currently one of the best actors in former Yugoslavia…” (NOVOSTI, Croatia)

“Dear audiences, things could not be clearer; the latest production of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre is simply unmissable.” (BLIC)


Jerotije Pantić Nebojša Glogovac
Anđa Jelisaveta Sablić
Aleksa Žunjić Dragan Mićanović
Vića Radovan Vujović
Žika Bojan Dimitrijević
Tasa Vlasta Velisavljević
Milisav Nebojša Milovanović
Gazda Miladin Janoš Tot
Marica Lana Karaklajić
Đoka Aleksandar Radojičić/Milan Marić
Josa Božidar Zuber



Premiere: 9 April 2012

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Ticket Price: STALLS 1500 1000 / BALCONY 700 RSD

Approx. 1hr 45mins, no interval