Biljana Srbljanović

Death is not a bicycle (to be stolen from you)

Directed by Slobodan Unkovski

Set Designer: Valentin Svetozarev, Costume Designer: Maja Mirković, Composer: Irena Popović, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić-Popović, Assistant Director: Dragana Miloševski, Video: Branko Citlik, Lightning Design: Svetislav Calić, Musicians - flute: Iva Milošević, violin: Nikola Dragović , cello: Željko Ivović, accordion: Mihajlo Rajković, percussions: Lazar Čolović, drums: Danilo Tirnanić,

The world within this new play by Biljana Srbljanović is replete with characters that also exist in our own world: nasty, pampered children, infantile middle-aged weaklings and middle-aged women trapped in vicious circles of their unfulfilled marriages, old people who cling to the future that even their children are unlikely to see, trapped in the past relations which they cannot leave behind, ambitious, egocentric politicians, mothers and fathers whose ambitions harm those closest to them.

Destinies of all these people encased in their own private little hell – seemingly disconnected and separated one from the other – cross and intertwine during the play, thus creating a cynically perverted, ruthlessly accurate and disturbing image of the society we live in.


Nadežda Anita Mančić
Dad Vojislav Brajović
Ensign Jokić Ljubomir Bandović
Aleksandra Sloboda Mićalović
Fat girl Ivana Vuković
Ropac Branislav Lečić
Lady Svetlana Bojković
Aleksa Goran Šušljik


Premiere: 17 June 2011

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