Georges Feydeau

Free Exchange Hotel

Directed by Liješević Boris

Translation: Dragoslav Andrić, Dramaturge: Miloš Krečković, Set design: Aleksandar Denić, Costume design: Maja Mirković, Role instruction: Sonja Vukićević, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Lighting designer: Dejan Draganov,

Boris Liješević: Why Feydeau? Because he represents the pinnacle of the theatre, of the essential, raw, playful theatre; of the theatre which does not stem from literature but from some sort of spirituality. He belongs to the „Golden Age“ of French drama, like Sophocles and Euripides belong to the Golden Age of ancient literature. No one represents those times better that he does. His plays epitomize theatre in the same way Chaplin’s films epitomize the real, true film. There is action, there is a plot, there is a protagonist who first gets into trouble and then tries to get out of them, all of which leads to a perfect chase which inevitably leads to laughter. Staging Feydeau today could be equalled to a theatre revolution.

Premiere: 23/12/2016

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