Biljana Srbljanović


Directed by Mijač Dejan

Set Designer: Juraj Fabri, Costume Designer: Lana Cvijanović, Composer: Isidora Žebeljan, Choreography: Miloš Paunović, Stage Sound Design: Zoran Jerković, Language Consultant: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Creative Video Team - Leader: Boris Miljković, Director of photography: Milan Tvrdišić, Computer animation: Branko Citlik, Photography: Kristina Miljković, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić, Original music by Isidora Žebeljan is performed by: trumpet: Marko Đorđević, vocal: Brankica Vasić,

A presenter in an influential TV show meets with his new acquaintance, a young clairvoyant, with the intention of taking advantage of her gifts in order to gain information linked to plans and lives of members of the political elite. A respectable surgeon and his pregnant sister decide to put an end to their trouble with their old, demented father by leaving him on the side of a motorway carrying a suitcase and no documents, somewhere away from the big city. A retired university professor, a passionate lottery player, employs his weakling of a son as his personal chauffer in order to protect him from his own dark past.

These are just some of the disturbing stories which, as the play progresses, will begin to intertwine and blend into a menacing and bleak vision of a society undergoing momentous changes whose course is still being determined according to the values of the older generation which is not yet prepared to let go.

“A success in every possible way, both from the point of view of form and content, Locusts is an important event in our theatrical tradition, a fruitful cooperation between two leading personalities in our theatre of today – Biljana Srbljanović, this being probably her most successful play so far, and Dejan Mijač, who has added another insightful piece of direction to his already vast opus.“ (NIN)

“Locusts is a milestone in the stellar career of our most famous playwright. …With the help of an inspired cast, the director has given an almost unexpected new dimension, a new quality to the plays by Biljana Srbljanović. This new quality is the gentleness which stems from a deeper understanding of the human condition. Probably the best production so far of a play by Biljana Srbljanović in this country.“ (YELLOW CAB)

Locusts has won five Sterijino Pozorje awards: best new play (Biljana Srbljanović), best director (Dejan Mijač), best score (Isidora Žebeljan) and two awards for achievement in acting (Renata Ulmanski and Isidora Minić). That same year, the Round Table of theatre critics at Sterijino Pozorje declared Locusts to be the best play of the festival.

Besides going on tour in Ljubljana and Zagreb, Locusts has also been performed at festivals in Wiesbaden (New Plays from Europe festival), Rijeka (Small Scenes Festival) and Thessaloniki (Premio Europa).

The most important German theatre magazine Theater heute proclaimed Biljana Srbljanović the best foreign playwright of the season, having based its decision on Locusts.

Premiere: 26 April 2005

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