Howard Zin

Marx in Soho

Directed by Vlatko Ilić

Independent production

Carl Marx is considered to be one of the most influential philosophers of all time. He is brought to the stage in 1999, in the beginning of the new millennium by an American historian, professor and peace activist Howard Zinn who wrote the monodrama Marx ih Soho

During his hour long return to Earth, the audience meets Marx the unemployed citizen, persecuted intellectual, Bakunin and Heine’s contemporary, and a great supporter of Paris Commune, a family man struggling for a more just world. As such, Marx has, under the auspices of Carina Stage in New Belgrade, gathered the team of this production, in which the famous philosopher poses important questions about the time we live in in a witty and exciting manner.


It is a real geyser of philosophical-political-scientific-fighting passion. (…) Vladica Milosavljević, with enormous energy, refined acting technique, enthusiasm of her believe, power of her emotions and rational fight for arguments and proofs – reign the stage, showing vivacious mise-en-scène, through torrents and waterfalls of text, emotional jumps, superior knowledge of facts and conviction in their liveliness and truth. It is a real theatre of one actress, far above classical monologue.  

(Goran Cvetković, An overall history of injustice and rebellion, Radio Beograd)


Vladica Milosavljević transforms, she is Marx and Bakunin, father of anarchism, she’s Marx’ wife, his daughter, a narrowminded clerk, a man and a woman, and someone who experiences Paris Commune in 1871. All of this we see as completely natural, with no holding back. Choosing a play which possesses wit alongside eruditeness, Ilic made the right move. On a small stage, and yet quite sufficient for this story, with the help of effective and minimalist set by Vojislav Klačar, the director managed to achieve the two most important things – render the play communicative, not an agit-prop but humane, and, why not also note, entertaining piece showing Vladica Milosavljević’s creativity, energy and playfulness to the full extent. And it’s a hard thing to do, direct a play and make any interventions and cuts invisible (… ) Marx by Milosavljević and Ilić has a smooth face of a child, he is portrayed in his human dimension, with his virtues and flaws.

(Aleksandar Novaković Dress Rehearsal of a Revolution, AFIRMATOR)

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