Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière


Directed by Egon Savin

Translator: Sima Pandurović, Adaptation: Egon Savin, Set Designer: Miodrag Tabački, Dramaturge: Božo Koprivica, Costume Designer: Jelena Stokuća, Editor: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Music Selection: Egon Savin, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

One of the most powerful, bravest and most lucid works by the greatest comic playwright in the history of French and world theatre. This comedy about hypocrisy was, at the time it was written, banned by the very same hypocrites because it was too provocative, too freethinking, too lucid and daring. In the hands of Egon Savin it becomes a story of a man who is under enormous pressure and is unable to escape the prison of his own life and who decides to seek comfort in religion. He sacrifices everything on the altar of his blind faith, forgetting that this faith is nothing but an artificially created paradise which will sooner later become hell.

“This production of the Tartuffe is extremely funny and extremely critical at the same time, it laughs at human stupidity and misconceptions, belief and trust without reason and without fact. (…) Director Egon Savin uses all the lucidity of theatre and its human and comic potential to stand up to mendacious morality, ignorance and pretence, life philosophy which owes its authority to the cult of blind obedience, adoration of saints and holy relics without question and without reason. (…) Make sure you see it.” (POLITIKA)

Tartuffe has been performed at Days of Satire festival in Zagreb, Sarajevo Winter festival and International Small Scenes Festival in Rijeka.

Boris Isaković won the Raša Plaović award for his portrayal of Orgon (best performance of the season on a Belgrade stage) and the Veljko Maričić award (International Small Scenes Festival in Rijeka). Anita Mančić won the Ljubinka Bobić award for her portrayal of Dorine.


Orgon, husband of Elmire Boris Isaković
Elmire, Wife of Orgon Sloboda Mićalović
Damis, Son of Orgon Radovan Vujović
Mariane, Daughter of Orgon Danijela Štajnfeld
Valère, beggar Nikola Vujović
Cléante, brother-in-law of Orgon Marko Baćović
Tartuffe, hypocritical religious devotee Dragan Mićanović
Dorine, Mariane’s companion Anita Mančić
Monsieur Loyall, a bailiff Slobodan Tešić
Flipote, Servant of Madame Pernelle Nionela Tarić
Laurent Marko Janketić

Premiere: 3 April 2008

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