Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

The Cherry Orchard

Directed by Dejan Mijač

Translation: Zorаn Božović, Set Designer: Darko Nedeljković, Costume Designer: Leo Kulaš, Music Advisor: Vladimir Pejković, Speech: Ljiljаnа Mrkić Popović, Lightning Design: Svetislav Calić,

The Cherry Orchard was the last play by the greatest Russian playwright, written while he was at the top of his powers. It not only stands at the crossroads between two centuries – and two different eras – it is also about the painful changes that such times bring. The play also stands at the very end of an era in the history of drama, the 19th century domestic drama, as the pinnacle of this period – and at the beginning of the new era, like a root from which will spring the shoots of modern 20th century drama.

The Cherry Orchard is also the farewell production of a famous Serbian theatre director Dejan Mijač who chose this to be the last play he will direct. The production focuses on the most important qualities of this magnificent piece: an insight into human nature, great ability to discuss the relations between people using the simplest means, powerful scenes written with cool precision and great compassion, tinged with sadness and humour, and all in a pregnant atmosphere of expecting a tragedy that will inevitably come.

“The Cherry Orchard is a fantastic play but Mijač has imbued it with new ideas; his direction, acting and the décor all fit beautifully with the minimalist set (…), and the fact that there are so few stage effects brings to the fore the psychological analysis of the characters and excellent acting from the cast.” (CITY MAGAZINE)

“Great actors and a great production.” (POBJEDA, Montenegro)

Mijаč’s direction is all about subtle poetic approach with great attention to detail, effective minimalism which is such fertile ground (…) for exciting performances from actors.” (POLITIKA)

The Cherry Orchard premiered on Sveti Stefan on 17th July, 2011 and is a co-production between the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and Theatre City Budva Festival.

Premiere: 4 October 2011

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