Miloš Crnjanski

The Journal of Čarnojević

Directed by Miloš Lolić

Set Designer: Jasmina Holbus, Costume Designer: Marija Marković, Dramaturge: Periša Perišić, Music Composer: Nevena Glušica, Choreographer: Dragana Bulut, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović,

The Čarnojević Diary (1921) is a novel about a young intellectual who finds himself sucked into the vortex of World War I.  The author, Crnjanski, tells two parallel sets of stories – memories of childhood and adolescent years leading up to the war on the one hand and the images and events of war years on the other.

The story is told in the first person singular in a higher emotional register which makes this novel feel like an autobiographical poem of accentuated lyricism. This was Miloš Crnjanski’s first novel, a work of extraordinary form and sentiment, which after the uproar it caused among the critics when it was first published, soon afterwards became one of the milestones of Serbian literature.

Produced for the stage for the first time, this atmosphere of belonging to the post-war “lost generation” and the lyrical speech patterns employed by Miloš Crnjanski make its actors’ performances radiate with pure honesty. The production of The Čarnojević Diary is yet another step forward in the illustrious career of its director Miloš Lolić and his troupe of actors.


In The Čarnojević Diary we wander in the experiences of war all the time, each of those experiences shifting the focus off the war and onto something else, something else of importance – the erotic even. So now this clinch of Eros and Thanatos, their intertwining, becomes a much more significant subject than the unfortunate fate of the young Austrian Hungarian soldier. (Miloš Lolić)


Premiere: 17/12/2014

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Ticket Price: STALLS 1200 / BALCONY 700 RSD

1hr 40mins, no interval