Laza Lazarević

The Kraut Girl

Directed by Ana Đorđević

Dramatisation: Ana Đorđević, Set Designer: Vesna Štrbac, Costume Designer: Lana Cvijanović, Composer: Anja Đorđević, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

This play is based on one of the most beautiful and saddest short stories of Serbian realism, The Kraut Girl by Laza Lazarević. It is a story from the 19th century, about a young man from Serbia studying abroad. In this faraway, rich, learned world he learns how to control both his shame and his pride in order to be happy. It talks about the feelings of duty and obligation towards his family and people back home which is why he turns his back on happiness, about how patriarchal selfishness and patriotic narrow-mindedness of others can cause a man to lose his freedom, deny his love and ultimately betray himself.

“This is a story of conflict between love and duty for which there is no understanding in these modern times (…) the director tells it using a modern and inventive theatrical language. An almost realistic story has finally, and without much mystification, been transformed into a modern theatrical expression.” (BLIC)

“This play mercilessly demands of each and every one of us to question the boundaries of our courage and take stock of our illusions.” (PANČEVAC)

The Kraut Girl has been performed at Sterijino Pozorje festival in Novi Sad, Joakimfest in Kragujevac, Theatre Marathon in Sombor, Borini Pozorišni Dani festival in Vranje and at Vršac Autumn Theatre Festival. The production toured in Pančevo, Valjevo and Čačak.

The production has won the Sterijino Pozorje award for best costume (Lana Cvijanović) and four awards at Vršac Autumn Theatre Festival: best production, best director (Ana Đorđević) and best actors (Marija Vicković and Radomir Vujović). For his performance in this production Radomir Vujović has won the Dara Čalenić fund award.

Premiere: 15 March 2009

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