William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice

Directed by Egon Savin

Translations: Svetislav Stefanović, Hugo Klajn, Dramaturg: Miloš Krečković, Set Designer: Miodrag Tabački, Costume Designer: Kristina Ignjatović, Language Consultant: Ljiljana Mrkić-Popović, Expert Associate: Vladimir Logunov, Music Selection: Egon Savin, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

Shakespeare’s dark comedy about passionate and blind friendship and an ever more passionate and blind hate, privileges and humiliation, lust for money, love and justice. Director Egon Savin has placed it in an environment that resembles Italy in the early years of fascism. This way it becomes the story of an outsider in every society where belittling those who are weak, different and a minority is common practice.

“This production of the Merchant of Venice will long be remembered for the beauty of its expression, its message and the vision it projects of the century behind us. And a warning for the centuries to come.” (EKSPRES)

“Even though the play is about selfishness, exclusion and even racism, this production is far from being a simple debate on morality; in fact it is what it is supposed to be: Shakespeare’s playful theatre, a game of deception and discovery (…) funny and entertaining with an excellent cast from the leading roles to the smallest supporting ones.” (POLITIKA)

“Dragan Mićanović is excellent in his interpretation of a famous female character and he stands out in this well directed and well orchestrated ensemble piece. (…) His Portia is a richly woven character.“ (VREME)

“Productions such as the Merchant of Venice directed by Egon Savin with Predrag Ejdus and Dragan Mićanović in leading roles are rare and precious events (…) which breathe new wisdom into our everyday existence.“ (DANAS)

For his direction of the Merchant of Venice,Egon Savin was awarded the Bojan Stupica award by the Drama Artists Association of Serbia.

Dragan Mićanović was awarded the Miloš Žutić award by the same association for his portrayal of Portia as well as the Raša Plaović award by the National Theatre for best actor in a new production in all theatres in Belgrade.

The Merchant of Venice won three Ardalion awards at the Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice – best production, best director (Egon Savin) and best actor (Miodrag Radovanović).

This production by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre has graced festivals in Nova Gorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Bucharest/Cluj, Tivat, Budva, Sterijino Pozorje festival and BITEF and went on tour in Rome, Budapest and many towns around Serbia.


Antonio Irfan Mensur
Shylock Predrag Ejdus
Bassanio Goran Šušljik
Portia Dragan Mićanović
Gobbo, Tubal, The Duke of Venice Miodrag Radovanović
The prince of Morocco, the prince of Arragon Goran Daničić
Nerissa Anđelika Simić
Jessica Tanja Pjevac
Gratiano Nebojša Milovanović
Lorenzo Srđan Timarov
Salanio Pavle Pekić
Salarino Nikola Vujović
Launcelot Gobbo Goran Jevtić
Gaoler Slobodan Pavelkić
Servant to Portia Isabella Appiah
Servant to Portia Ana Simić
Servant to Portia Jelena Angelovski
Officer of the Court of Justice Nemanja Radomirović
Officer of the Court of Justice Filip Pavlašević

Premiere: 3 February 2004

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