Neil LaBute

The Mercy Seat

Directed by Jana Maričić

Set design: Marija Kalabić, Costume design: Maria Marković Milojev, Composer: Božidar Obradinović, Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović,

There is something archetypal in LaBute’s characters – Ben is a man, a conservative one: he is somewhat right-wing, married with children, he has achieved everything at the right age, he has a job any white American male of his age could desire. On the other hand, Abby is a woman, and a liberal one: she is emancipated and far more dominant and eloquent than him. While she represents a destruction of one kind of stereotype, she reinforces another – ambitious, superior, lonely woman, with all the demands an emancipated woman has to fulfill, while not being fulfilled as a mother. The collision of these two worlds, however, is not a collision of different entities, but a story of two sides in every person, the story of two polarities, the story of how the dualism shapes up and pulses inside all of us.

If there had been rainstorm or a minor earthquake at the time, self-questioning wouldn’t have taken place, those fundamental questions between the two of them wouldn’t have been raised. But no, what is taking place outside is the end of the world [the catastrophe in New York on 11th September, 2001] and that kind of pressure makes Ben and Abbey start opening big questions. Naturally, that isn’t enough to make them heroes. But it is enough to make them people. This plays is about the fact that their dilemma and their problem could happen to anyone. Jana Maričić, director

The opening evening on Saturday, 18th November 2017 at 8.30 PM.

Premiere: November 18, 2017

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