Ivo Andrić

The Woman from Sarajevo

Directed by Gorčin Stojanović

Dramaturge: Miloš Krečković, Set Designer: Gorčin Stojanović, Costume Designer: Lana Cvijanović, Stage Movement: Miloš Paunović, Sound Design: Robert Klajn, Gorčin Stojanović,

Following the division in the original novel by Andrić into two parts, one taking place in Sarajevo and the other one in Belgrade, the production of The Woman from Sarajevo directed by Gorčin Stojanović is also divided in two parts. Both take place during the tumultuous decades toward the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century as well as the years that followed in the wake of World War I and the dissolution of two mighty empires. This is the backdrop for the life story of Rajka Radaković, one of Andrić’s most famous heroines.

Her story is that of a woman who is constantly trying to understand the changes happening in the world around her and who dedicates all her efforts to staying true to the promise made to her father. Her fierce obsession to earn and save as much money as possible turns her entire life into a solitary, loveless existence. Alienated from the world and alone she lives out her days to their bitter and tragic end.

The text of The Woman from Sarajevo was adapted for the stage by Marko Fotez in 1962. At the time Ivo Andrić was the president of the Art Council of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre.


In two hours, which is the duration of this play, Gorčin Stojanović manages to tell the entire story of Andrić’s novel, using very subtle and precise dramatic technique(…)The Woman from Sarajevo, produced by the Yugoslav drama Theatre, might seem somewhat old fashioned. It has the air of the spirit and the esthetics of Yugoslav theatres of the 1980s. The leading actress Nataša Ninković seems to have understood very well the reasons behind Rajka’s actions and is brilliant in her portrayal of the Woman from Sarajevo. She does this with the help of an excellent cast of actors, especially Voja Brajović and Srđan Timarov who appear in a number of roles and who, with great subtlety, portray the various people who accompanied Rajka on her way to perdition. (JERGOVIC.COM)

During summer 2013, The Woman from Sarajevo was performed at the Purgatorije Theatre Festival in Tivat (Montenegro).



Premiere: 26 April 2013

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