Mira Furlan

Till Death Do Us Part

Directed by Miki Manojlović

Set designer: Darko Nedeljković, Costume designer: Jelisaveta Tatić, Speech: Bogdan Diklić, Sound designer: Zoran Jerković, Light technician: Nemanja Calić,

Miki Manojlović: “The play by Mira Furlan Till Death Do Us Part is a family drama, whose content and form are comparable with some of the best playwrights of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. Four characters of our writer: Blanka, Ljubić, Mina and Martin are created with a writing talent that’s freed of all those already familiar things in dramatic literature. In it, there is no place for anyone else, except those four. In great contemporary drama it has always been so, no more and no less characters. The cosmic mystery of the greatest secret of the cause of the World – love and fading – worthy of intelligence and talent of all of us, was explored during the rehearsals.
My formal gratitude is inappropriate to the exceptional actresses Jasna, Anita and the little – grown up Jovana, with whom I’ve had the honour to conquer love and fading through an exciting process of creating this play, since the day I’ve read the text by Mira. My gratitude is sincere, and my happiness is great. The theatre, as well as our play, cannot be magical without the magicians whom I’ve met during this process.”

Guest performance of the Radionica integracije (http://www.radionicaintegracije.rs/)

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