Milena Marković


Directed by Slobodan Unkovski

Set & Costume Designer: Angelina Atlagić, Dramaturg: Marina Milivojević Mađarev, Music Selection Associate: Nebojša Ignjatović, Choreography: Maja Milanović, Lightning Designer: Svetislav Calić,

One of the key works of modern Serbian drama and a theatrical heritage of a lost generation, the one that came to maturity during 1990′s. In this play exciting scenes of courage and passion follow in quick succession, like in a big theatrical kaleidoscope. These scenes are a testimony that – in a vicious circle of violence – the evil that people do is not a product of a tortured childhood but that it has its roots in the deep, primeval forces that shape man and determine his actions and his relationship with others.

“Tracks by Milena Marković has been turned into a production that will probably become a cult production for the young generations and which should make the slightly older members of the audience to take stock of their own lives and what it is that they had forgotten to do in order to make the world around us a better place.“ (NIN)

“The latest production by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre – Tracks – seems set to become an important play of its generation as well as its symbol.” (BLIC)

Tracks was performed at the 8th Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice (where it won the special Ardalion award, 12th Dani Zorana Radmilovića festival in Zaječar (where actor Boris Milivojević won the Zoranov Brk award), Biennale of New European Drama in Wiesbaden, Germany, Festival of Modern Drama in Budapest, Days of Serbian Culture in Toronto, Tuzla theatre festival, City Theatre Budva festival as well as a part of a Belgrade – Sarajevo / Sarajevo – Belgrade project. In addition, Tracks has toured in Lazarevac, Tivat, Podgorica, Ruma, Smederevo, Sombor, Pančevo, Bratislava, Čačak, Valjevo, Zagreb, Novi Sad.

Premiere: 25 November 2002

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