Directed by Maja Maletković

Dramaturgue: Katarina Janković, Visual identity: Dunja Sabljić, Music score: Danica Vujošević and Jovan Marić,

Guest performance of the Mixer House independent production

Performed in English


The production is in English and deals with the so called brain drain phenomenon. The point of departure is the fact that every year many young educated people decide to leave their country and move abroad.

“What the f**k are we doing here?” is a cabaret farce based on life stories of a group of authors. The play is both socially engaged and funny at the same time and it deals with a phenomenon that is typical not only of Serbia but also of most of Europe.

The performance is based on confessions of authors themselves: Maja Maletković (director), Katarina Janković (dramaturgue), Dunja Sabljić (visual identity), Željko Maksimović (actors), Danica Vujošević and Jovan Marić (music score). Cast: Maja Maletković, Dunja Sabljić, Željko Maksimović and Oleg Misirača.

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Ticket Price: 500 dinars and 50% discount for tickets bought on the day of performance

1 hr, no intermission