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Branislav Nušić

It Had To Be So

Ljuba Tadić Theatre

Cast: Predrag Ejdus, Branka Petrić, Anita Mančić, Jelena Petrović, Nebojša Dugalić, Mihailo Janketić, Miodrag Radovanović, Radovan Vujović/Miloš Anđelković, Vojin Ćetković, Ana Simić/Jelena Angelovski, Ana Stanković, Ivan Pantović

This authentic and full blown melodrama, one of the rare ones in our literary tradition, was written by the most prolific and most popular Serbian comic playwright. This exciting and touching tale takes place in old Belgrade and shows how vanity and envy, irresponsibility and avarice, pride and selfishness in one family – and in a society ruled by money – can destroy a life of a decent human being, torn between love and duty. more >

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Miroslav Krleža

In Agony

Directed by: Đorđević Ana

Studio YDT

Cast: Marija Vicković, Radovan Vujović, Branko Cvejić

"Beoart 2015" independent production more >